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2000 Calandar of Events



Tuesday, July 11, 7:30p.m General Membership meeting at the Norton's House. Note that this is the second tuesday of the rather than the first tuesday.

Fri-Sun, July 21-23: Reenactment at Charlton Park, south of Hastings.



Tuesday, August 1, 7:30p.m General Membership meeting at Rick Vriesenga's House. See newsletter for details.

Fri-Sun, August 4-6: Reenactment at Grand Rapids Home for Vets. This is the resting place of more vets of the third than any other cemetary. This is like Christmas or a birthday for the vets stuck there year round, so lets be there for them.

Fri-Sun, August 25-27: Reenactment at Cascades Park, Jackson.



Tuesday September 5, 7:30p.m General Membership meeting, at Garry and Rose Reddings. See newsletter for details.

Fri-Sun, September 15-17, Reenactment at Grand Rogue Campground, Plainfield Township. Timeline event

Fri-Sun, September 22-24: Reenactment at Fallsburg Village(north of Lowell). Event Coordinator is Marty Walker.

Fri-Sun, September 28-October 1: Reenactment at Blandford Nature Center, end of Hillburn, just off Leonard, N.W.